2011 | Drafting and submitting Corporate Governance Code and Statement of Corporate Governance in compliance with Law 3873/2010


Major Construction Company in Greece



Corporate & Commercial Law Practice



Theodore Pistiolis – Vanita Kiriakouli

Our firm drafted and submitted on behalf of major Construction Company a Code of Corporate Governance and the Statement of Corporate Governance, for the company to comply with the requirements of Law 3873/2010. Specifically, the Code of Corporate Governance, was prepared for the company in order to collect and record the principles of corporate governance that apply under existing legislation (Law 3016/2002, Law 2190/1920, Law.2778/1999, Law 3693/2008, Law 3884/2010, etc.).

Based on the principles and practices of corporate governance of the company, which reflected in the Code of Corporate Governance, our firm also drafted for the company the STATEMENT OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, according to the article 43a of the Law 2190/1920, as amended by the Law 3873/2010. The Company ought to incorporate the above Statement to its annual report of the Board of Directors.