2009 | Industry Relationship Teaming Agreement – Asset Transfer Agreement – Sales Pursuit Agreement – Joint Asset Development Agreement


Intracom IT Services S.A.



Dr. Nikos Nikolinakos and Theodore Pistiolis



Telecommunications, Media & Technology (TMT)

We acted as senior legal counsels in an Industry Relationship Teaming Agreement between Intracom IT Services S.A. and International Business Machines Corporation (“IBM”). In particular, our firm participated as legal counsel on behalf of Intracom IT Services S.A. in drafting, negotiating, and closing the Industry Relationship Teaming Agreement, the Asset Transfer Agreement, the Sales Pursuit Agreement, and the Joint Asset Development Agreement.

Under the aforementioned agreements, the parties created a marketing and development relationship to enable them to take advantage of and enhance their respective competencies for joint solution offerings to the government industry generally with an initial focus on customs management within the European Union and other countries as may be agreed on a case by case basis. The project was successfully completed for our client in October 2009.